Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling Your Home

If you think purchasing a home is hard, try selling it your own. Usually, buying provide you due advantage during the negotiations, but selling can be much more challenging. In this industry, the seller usually takes the brunt of looking for the right buyer and handling the transfer of documents while acquiring a lucrative deal as planned. With too much of your time consumed on your work or business or an impending transfer, having time to sell your real estate property in quick yet productive way can be done through the help of a real estate agent. With hundreds of professionals and expert agents available today, looking for one who can provide you what you really need can still be daunting. However, this dilemma can possibly be used into your advantage simply by asking the right questions to them. So when you plan to seller your home and looking for a trustworthy and reliable realtor, here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  • Are you an accredited realtor in the state where the property sale will be done? For how long and how many deals you have successfully done in the past years? – Keep in mind that it is crucial to check the credentials regarding the state accreditations, reliable sources and references of the real estate agent. One should be the accreditation by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) that could guarantee you dealing with a real expert. Just like everything else, the experience of the real estate agent completely matters, especially when it comes to the facilitating of real estate sales. Even though it doesn’t necessarily mean that the more established and successful realtors are better than the new ones, the experience of a realtor can help you gauge turnaround time and efficiency for the property sales. Of course, the sum of the realtor’s successful deal with complete references can also help you in verifying if the real estate agent can really live up to your demands and expectations as well as of the present real estate market.
  • Do you have the ability to maintain my property’s integrity during the selling process? – Another very crucial question to ask is if the real estate agent has the ability to maintain your property’s integrity. When selling your home, keep in mind that you realtor needs to be experienced enough when communicating about your property’s faults. In other words, the real estate agent should provide you information about your properties drawback and can suggest you possible remedies. This can help them to market your property and for you to acquire a much efficient sell. In terms of marketing, your need to choose a real estate is capable of marketing your property if a lot of ways. This should also be asked to your realtor. A talented real estate agent will have various ways in which your property will be made visible on marketplace.
  • Do your operate real estate business locally? If yes, how do you plan your sales and marketing? – If you’re selling a property in one state, it would be a complete waste of money if your spend effort and time on a realtor on a different state. A real estate agent that is locally operating usually has enough information about the most current real estate demands, demographics, and the local marketing solutions in order to amplify the sale. Be sure to ask the realtor who he/she plans to sell your property. Dig very deep into his strategies and tactics, home staging, and many other initiatives that can hasten the pace of sale process.
  • What are your real estate selling methods? – There are a lot of way to sell your home through the aid of a real estate agent – auctions, tender agreement, POA, EOI, or direct selling (e.g. from real estate agent to buyer). Unless you’ll be selling your property completely, carefully ask if the upgrades, renovations, or repairs are necessary.
  • Do you work as a team or alone? If by team, what are your communication methods? – No matter how adept a real estate agent is in dealing with the real estate market, he should never work along. There are tons of workloads that await the agent. Whether the realtor is working virtual or actual assistant, keep in mind that a real estate agent should always have someone that does the one marketing, paper transaction, and many other data management solutions, separately. This provide the real estate agent more focus on his/her real competencies such as the renovations, negotiations, and arranging an open house. Also keep in mind what their communication methods are and how frequent they communicate. Look for a real estate agent that can provide you an open communication line, giving your constant updates.
  • How much and do you charge your commission upon a successful sale? – This is the last question that needs to be answered – the Realtor’s fees. Probably, this is the most confusing part in the entire selling process. However, knowing how much a realtor should only charge you can make it easy. Most real estate agents charge a commission fee for their service, which is normally 3% to 6% of the sales price. This can either be a huge or small amount depending on the final selling price of your property. In recent years, the agents have become very flexible and the commission free can now be negotiated. Regardless of agreement, the fee needs not to be paid until the closing date, after your property has been sold. In addition, the commission can also vary from one state to another. If can be fixed or based to tiered percentages. Be careful and always analyze the impact before you sign an agreement. Choose the one that can provide you great value for you property.

Without a doubt, selling a real estate property can be a very overwhelming experience. Having a reliable and capable really as your ally in this quest is the best decision you can make. By asking the questions mentioned above, you can ensure to find the best real estate agent to entrust your property, way to get a fast sale, and gain more value on your property.

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