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Taking The Right Steps

Free Home Appraisal

Nowadays people get the idea of buying or renting a home. It would be typical for the homeowner to provide the buyer that the home is in good condition. Aside from this, the homeowner requires an appraisal for the home.  An appraisal is an unbiased estimate of the value of a certain property. In order to make the appraisal, the help of trusted appraiser is needed in order to get the right price of the home. If you were the homeowner, it would be great if you will give the right home appraisal in order for the home to be bought at once. If the free home appraisal is too low, this will cause many delays in the transaction process but having a high appraisal rates means an easy and fast transaction process.

Some lenders and homeowners have the idea of making an effective appraisal in order to sell or rent the home that they have. This might sound at times but without the right guidelines, it will affect the value of the home. It would be unwise to have a home that the client will have more money than the home is worth. This will leave the lender or homeowner at a losing edge if the appraisal of the home is low compared to the exact calculation of it. The buyer might question the appraisal rate or the homeowner will have the guilt of selling a home without making the right calculation at all.

Real estate agents who have a good idea of the market value make a client assured in taking free home appraisals.  This makes the buying and selling a home more effective and successful. The appraisal rate should be calculated in the right manner in order to avoid any hassles or difficulties in terms of selling it. In doing so, a lender or a homeowner will have the assurance that the home being sold has passed the right value of the market. The duty of the agent to make sure that the right transactions are given with the considerations that pass the value of the market. If you have a realtor such as Shannon Ioli-Scarlett, it would be a good way in setting the right plans in making free home appraisal your choice.

In Terms of Property Liquidation

A property such as a home requires the correct process in case it needs to be liquidated. The homeowner should have the right price of the house in order for any problems not to occur in transferring the home to a new name. If this is not made at once, the lender or the homeowner will have delays in making further transactions that govern the house. If the home price undergoes a certain change within a year or two, the free home appraisal will make sure that the amount of the appraised house is in accordance with the market value. Shannon Ioli-Scarlett makes the effective in providing you the right estimates that are required in order for you to sell the house effectively.

You Get What Is Yours

Okay, you have decided to buy a house with the use of the free home appraisal. What will this do to you in return? In having the free home appraisal, you will have the assurance that you will get the worth of the home that you paid for. In having this, you will have a full assurance that the value of the house is certainly the correct one.  Both you and the seller will not have any problem concerning the appraisal rate of the house. This will provide you the security and the guarantee that you will not have any hassle or problem in buying the home. It would be a good start in making the transactions arrives in a favorable result.

An Effective Cost Approach

With the expertise and assistance of Shannon Ioli Scarlett, any homeowner or lender having a free home appraisal will be assured of the exact and affordable cost of the home being estimated. This goes the same with the careful transactions that will assure the effective closing of the home. If the lender would want to use free home appraisal, it would be to his or her advantage to get the cost. A home will have the right quality and assurance of value if the cost approach is given in an accurate way. The cost approach will determine if the home will pass the market value. In doing this, the both the homeowner and the buyer will have a great way in making the right choice.

Recognizing the Value of Your Home

With the free home appraisal, it would be good for you to calculate the value of your home in an effective way. The appraiser has the credibility to make an accurate estimate based on the state, location or the actual cost of your home. If the homeowner wishes to lend his or her home in a fast and effective rate as possible, home appraisal makes sure that this is carefully carried out in the right process as possible. With this kind of approach presented, it would be easy for the homeowner and buyer to have a fixed agreement of the home to be sold or rented. In doing so, there will be a great way for the home to be sold at a fixed price. This will provide both the parties the chance to arrange the right cost of the home.

A Wide Range of Home Selection

The free home appraisal makes the most of a wide range of home selection that would benefit not only the buyer but the lender as well. If this will happen, the buyer will get a better deal of homes that he or she would select. The value of the appraisal will be high enough in order for the home to be bought.

Having a free from appraisal by calling Shannon Ioli Scarlet is a good thing for any homebuyer. This will give him or her the opportunity to choose the best home that would meet his or her preferences. Aside from this, the actual and right cost of the home will be given as the deal is made. Call Shannon loli Scarlett today at 480-695-3562

Getting the Best Value for Your Home

Getting ready to get into the real-estate market?

Most sellers today are nervous and unsure. They wonder: is taking a loss on our house inevitable?

The answer is no! A strategic sales plan, coupled with a smart buy in your new location will ensure that you recoup the maximum value for your home.

Your Strategic Sales Plan

Consult with an expert like Shannon Loli-Scarlett at 480-695-3562, local real estate agent to ensure your house is priced competitively and well-staged. Why? Because while there are always three factors to getting a home sold—location, price, and condition—only two are under your control: price and condition. Of the two, which is more significant? Price. Remember that price will correct bad condition, but condition will never overcome a bad price.

Act fast. You’re in a race against time—the best price you’ll get in today’s market is the one you get now. If you wait, it will be lower. And every month the price on your home decreases, your costs remain the same. For example, Keller Williams research shows that sellers who listed their home at the price the agent originally recommended, sold the home 38 days faster. This is over a month of mortgage and tax payments! For a home that cost $200,000 at time of purchase, with 20 percent down and an interest rate of 6.5 percent, selling a month sooner results in a savings of $1101.31 for the mortgage alone, not including the taxes and insurance that the homeowner would be paying during this time.

Don’t worry about where the market has been, keep your focus on where it is going. The price your neighbor down the street got six months ago is not relevant in a market where your house is competing with others from all across town. Again, a local real estate agent will have the kind of long-term, wide-ranging data that will help you decide how to pinpoint your price with precision.

Your Smart Buy

Move up. Whether you are moving to an area where prices are in a downturn, or dreaming of nicer, bigger, home in your own town, selling your house now can get you into the home of your dreams. Falling home prices are a great opportunity for a savvy homeowner looking to move up. Even though your house price may be lower, the smaller loss at sale can be made up by greater savings at purchase. For example, let’s take that same $200,000 home, and imagine that it has decreased in value by 5 percent, reducing the sales price to $190,000. At the same time, let’s imagine that you would like to move up and the $400,000 home you have been eyeing has also decreased by 5 percent. That’s a savings of $20,000, and it is a home that is likely to be better positioned for appreciation when the market rebounds.

Bottom line: don’t pit yourself against the market, work with the market to get the most out of your house sale.

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