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Finding The Right Realtor Mesa Arizona

How to Find the Best Realtor in Mesa Arizona for Your Buying Needs

When buying a home or purchasing other real estate, having the right realtor is important. But how to find the right real estate agent for you? There are a lot of real estate agents out there, but they are not all created equal. A professional real estate agent will be an invaluable resource when buying a home.

First of all, make sure you are working with a licensed real estate agent who sells real estate full time. Buying a home is the single biggest investment most families make, and this is not the time to hire your cousin’s wife who sold a few houses on the side 10 years ago. Ask questions of any realtor you’re considering: How long have they been in business? How well do they know the area in which you want to buy? Do they have properties in your budget range? Be clear with the agent that you’re in research mode at this time so that there is no misunderstanding about your status with that agent.

Make sure that the real estate agent you are considering offers the range of services that you need. Shannon Ioli Scarlett, offers a package of services that many firms are just not able to provide, including real estate concierge services, relocation services and international real estate services.

Ask to speak to recent clients if possible. If a realtor is reluctant to provide names of any satisfied clients, barring an exclusive clientele that desires absolute privacy, that may be a red flag. Most realtors are willing and eager to have current clients speak to potential ones!

Do some online research.

  • Most states provide searchable online databases with information about professional licensing, including for realtors. Make sure any realtor you consider is up to date on licensing and other filings required by the state.
  • Some general real estate websites have agent profiles and reviews submitted by users.
  • Check out the realtor’s own website to make sure the listings are the kind of properties you’re after. Some realtors have a wider inventory of homes for sale, while others have only specialty listings such as only short-term rentals, luxury homes for sale or high-end commercial real estate listings.

Take your time when choosing a real estate agent. This is not a decision to rush; it’s important to make sure that the person helping you make such an important investment is someone you are comfortable with and can trust.  Give Shannon Ioli Scarlett a call today at 480 695 3562.

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Why choosing an inexperienced Phoenix realtor can be the biggest mistake you ever made

Why choosing an inexperienced Phoenix realtor can be the biggest mistake you ever made


How to choose a Phoenix Realtor (For buyers and sellers)

Real Estate transactions and the involvement of realtors differ from country to country. Firstly, it is a mistake to think that real estate in Phoenix works like it does in your own country. In Brazil or Europe for example, you do not have a system like the MLS (Multiple Listing System) in which all Phoenix realtors upload their listings for everyone to see. So unlike most other countries, where different agents have access to different properties, in Phoenix all agents can see and offer you the exact same properties. This does not mean however, that you will get the same advice from each agent in Phoenix. The fact that each Phoenix realtor has access to the same properties does not take away from the fact that you need to screen them on experience and knowledge.

We summed up the pitfalls of picking the wrong agent and we explain how to pick the right one!

 The 10 biggest mistakes when choosing a Phoenix realtor 

  • Choosing a friend or a family member as your realtor just to do them a favor (do yourself a favor instead!)
  • Selecting an agent without experience or a track record or someone who does this besides his or her main job. HINT: Avoid agents who say: I can sell you a home, manage it, renovate it and and broker your mortgage. You have heard the term: A jack of all trades and a master of none!
  • Selecting an agent without any negotiating power (a popular technique seen in agents who just want to get the deal done and to move on).
  • Selecting an agent without knowledge of the condo or neighborhood in which you want to buy or which you are selling.
  • Selecting an agent who doesn’t know the market numbers and therefore cannot compare neighborhoods, streets or condos with one another nor does he/she know when you are overpaying for a property OR when you are selling it below market value.
  • Selecting an agent who doesn’t know what questions to ask or what pitfalls to look for when purchasing a property.
  • Selecting an agent whose arguments to buy a property are: “The kitchen looks good“, ” The pool is amazing“. Good investment properties can be backed up by good numbers and market analytics that show the future trends and historical stats of the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Selecting an agent who is in it for the quick money and not for a long term business goal which is based on good referrals and longevity.
  • Selecting an agent who doesn’t know the future developments in a certain area.
  • Selecting a selling agent who won’t work for his listing and won’t invest his own time or money.
    • HINTS: Cell phone pictures for listings, never picking up the phone and not showing the property in the weekends are all severe signs you should change your realtor

How to select your Phoenix buyer’s agent

First of all, the mere fact that you even picked a buyer’s agent already makes you a star! There are many buyers who decide to do it all on their own and they often get misled into bad investments. In Phoenix, using a buyer’s agent is FREE for the buyer! Yes, such a thing exists! The selling party will pay the commission to both agents and its statistically proven that you wont get a discount by not using one, so take advantage!!

Would you take stock advice from someone who just got an e-trader account and started trading stocks for the first time?
Do they have access to stocks? YES!  But, are they equipped to make you money? NO!
Why? Because they don’t have enough experience and market information to read the market properly.
The same goes for the Phoenix Real Estate Market.

Why do our clients think Shannon Ioli Scarlett is the best realtor in Phoenix?

♦ We are analysts who are monitoring the market on a daily basis while sharing this information with our clients in any of the many blogs or market reports
♦ We show our clients (both sellers and buyers) the numbers and offer complete transparency within the process. We do not shy away to warn you from bad investment decisions (Referrals are more important than one time commissions)
♦ We are top producing agents who think out of the box with a proven track record and a unique marketing approach

Which questions to ask when selecting a potential Phoenix realtor 

  • Experience
    • How long has the agent been in business for and how many deals has the agent closed? (you don’t want to be their guinea pig with $1M at stake!
    • Has the agent done multiple deals already and does he know the tricks of the trade?
    • Has the agent dealt with likewise properties before and therefore knows what questions to ask or what pittfalls to look for?
    • Can the agent recommend the best in business? (The best lawyers, the best property inspectors etc)
    • Is the agent an experienced negotiator who can get that deal for you against the best possible price?
    • Ask the agent for references of prior clients.
  • Market Knowledge
    • Does the agent know the demographics and the (socio) economics in the condo or neighborhood of your choice?
    • Does the agent know about urban planning and future developments?
    • Does the agent know the numbers in a certain condo or neighborhood?
      • Can he recognize trends or ‘predict’ future market movements based on historic data and get you a complete market overview and explanation of this market overview?
      • Does he know the average sales prices per Sq.Ft in a street or in a condo to protect you from overpaying for a property?
      • Can your realtor easily compare prices of different neighborhoods or condos?
      • Can your agent distinguish the different condos based on some key market data and can he explain why a certain house or a certain condo offers great value for the money?
  • Buyer and Seller behavior psychology
    • Does he know about Buyer and seller behaviour psychology?
  • The ethical aspect
    • In the case of pre-construction condos especially, different developers offer agents different commission percentages. Make sure your agent doesn’t steer you into a certain condo just to get a better commission. Make sure your agent has your best interest in mind and not his highest commission check. It has become common for agents to push pre construction over resales because the commission they make is double!
  • Relationship with other Agents
    • For Pocket listings: Sometimes agents have pocket listings which are not on the MLS, or upcoming listings that are not marketed yet. A well connected agent will know of this via his network and he will be able to get you a property of which others didn’t even know it was selling.
    • For pre-construction condos: The introduction or early phase of a new condo project is normally when the best deals can be made. A well connected agents will receive information and prices of new projects before other agents do! Moreover, developers will prefer to work with well established agents making it easy to get appointments and preferential treatment

Shannon Ioli Scarlett – A Phoenix Realtor offering you a world of information

Shannon Ioli Scarlett writes 2 of articles on a weekly basis on the Phoenix real estate market. Besides Phoenix real estate news we offers many other features such as newest listings, latest sales, Phoenix Real Estate Market reports and state of the art search tools

For Phoenix Real Estate Buyers

Shannon Ioli Scarlett talking and analyzing Phoenix real estate. He can provide you with inside information and day to day experience, in combination with great data analytics. In case you are looking for a Phoenix property please contact us today or start searching yourself via our brand new and state of the art search tools on the right side.

How to select your Phoenix seller’s agent or listing agent?

Sellers often say; “Everyone can see my property on the MLS, so why does it matter who lists this property?”

It matters a lot!!! When it comes to a listing agent the same pitfalls arise as stated above.  Sellers choose a friend’s friend or a family member who just got the license.  They don’t know the market prices and can under price your property (and get their money quickly) or overprice the property and have it sit on the market for ages.

What to keep in mind when selecting a listing agent?

  • Marketing
    • How does the agent market your property?
    • How will the agent take pictures of your property? Professionally or with his own cell phone?
    • How big is the agent’s client database?
    • Does the agent have international outreach with his company or within his own group?
    • What if someone wants to see your property on a Sunday morning – is the agent willing to go show it in the weekend?
    • Is the agent going to organize open houses?
    • Does the agent use social media to market this property or any other important websites?
    • Does the agent use any other marketing material that sets him apart from the other agents? Eg. videos, glossy flyers, global campaigns and so forth
    • Does the agent have a high ranking and presentable website?
    • Does the agent always answer his phone? Or is it hard to reach him?
  • Experience
    • How many properties has this agent listed / sold in his career?
    • Does the agent have experience with this kind of listings and the potential buyers it attracts?
  • Market knowledge
    • Can your agent tell you which likewise properties have sold in the last half year, and what they have sold for?
    • Can your agent tell you which properties are your 5 biggest competitors in the market right now and how your property distinguishes itself in today’s market?
  • Negotiating techniques
    • How are the agent’s negotiating techniques to get you the best price? Does he normally sell close to asking price?

For Sellers of Phoenix real estate

Are you looking to sell your Phoenix home or condo? Contact us today for a personalized chat and a comparative market analysis. We are known for our excellent marketing and we provide high-res professional videos and pictures to market your listing. For more information call Shannon Ioli Scarlett at 480 695 3562

About Shannon Ioli Scarlett

Shannon has loved interacting with all kinds of people in her life.  She has dealt with caddle ranchers, executives from fortune 500 company’s, and middle class too.  She is a wife with two beautiful children.  She believes in always doing the right thing when it comes to life.  She has worked hard her entire life, and continues to work hard for the community to.  If you are looking for someone that is going to give you 150%, then stop right now and give Shannon a call at 480 695 3562.  If your looking for someone that is going to be lazy, and not return your phone calls, then find someone else.  Shannon has broke all the sales records in Phoenix.  Let her prove it to you by action.  I hope you have a blessed day.

Free Home Appraisal by Shannon loli Scarlett today at 480-695-3562

Free Home Appraisal

Nowadays people get the idea of buying or renting a home. It would be typical for the homeowner to provide the buyer that the home is in good condition. Aside from this, the homeowner requires an appraisal for the home.  An appraisal is an unbiased estimate of the value of a certain property. In order to make the appraisal, the help of trusted appraiser is needed in order to get the right price of the home. If you were the homeowner, it would be great if you will give the right home appraisal in order for the home to be bought at once. If the free home appraisal is too low, this will cause many delays in the transaction process but having a high appraisal rates means an easy and fast transaction process.

Some lenders and homeowners have the idea of making an effective appraisal in order to sell or rent the home that they have. This might sound at times but without the right guidelines, it will affect the value of the home. It would be unwise to have a home that the client will have more money than the home is worth. This will leave the lender or homeowner at a losing edge if the appraisal of the home is low compared to the exact calculation of it. The buyer might question the appraisal rate or the homeowner will have the guilt of selling a home without making the right calculation at all.

Real estate agents who have a good idea of the market value make a client assured in taking free home appraisals.  This makes the buying and selling a home more effective and successful. The appraisal rate should be calculated in the right manner in order to avoid any hassles or difficulties in terms of selling it. In doing so, a lender or a homeowner will have the assurance that the home being sold has passed the right value of the market. The duty of the agent to make sure that the right transactions are given with the considerations that pass the value of the market. If you have a realtor such as Shannon Ioli-Scarlett, it would be a good way in setting the right plans in making free home appraisal your choice.

In Terms of Property Liquidation

A property such as a home requires the correct process in case it needs to be liquidated. The homeowner should have the right price of the house in order for any problems not to occur in transferring the home to a new name. If this is not made at once, the lender or the homeowner will have delays in making further transactions that govern the house. If the home price undergoes a certain change within a year or two, the free home appraisal will make sure that the amount of the appraised house is in accordance with the market value. Shannon Ioli-Scarlett makes the effective in providing you the right estimates that are required in order for you to sell the house effectively.

You Get What Is Yours

Okay, you have decided to buy a house with the use of the free home appraisal. What will this do to you in return? In having the free home appraisal, you will have the assurance that you will get the worth of the home that you paid for. In having this, you will have a full assurance that the value of the house is certainly the correct one.  Both you and the seller will not have any problem concerning the appraisal rate of the house. This will provide you the security and the guarantee that you will not have any hassle or problem in buying the home. It would be a good start in making the transactions arrives in a favorable result.

An Effective Cost Approach

With the expertise and assistance of Shannon Ioli Scarlett, any homeowner or lender having a free home appraisal will be assured of the exact and affordable cost of the home being estimated. This goes the same with the careful transactions that will assure the effective closing of the home. If the lender would want to use free home appraisal, it would be to his or her advantage to get the cost. A home will have the right quality and assurance of value if the cost approach is given in an accurate way. The cost approach will determine if the home will pass the market value. In doing this, the both the homeowner and the buyer will have a great way in making the right choice.

Recognizing the Value of Your Home

With the free home appraisal, it would be good for you to calculate the value of your home in an effective way. The appraiser has the credibility to make an accurate estimate based on the state, location or the actual cost of your home. If the homeowner wishes to lend his or her home in a fast and effective rate as possible, home appraisal makes sure that this is carefully carried out in the right process as possible. With this kind of approach presented, it would be easy for the homeowner and buyer to have a fixed agreement of the home to be sold or rented. In doing so, there will be a great way for the home to be sold at a fixed price. This will provide both the parties the chance to arrange the right cost of the home.

A Wide Range of Home Selection

The free home appraisal makes the most of a wide range of home selection that would benefit not only the buyer but the lender as well. If this will happen, the buyer will get a better deal of homes that he or she would select. The value of the appraisal will be high enough in order for the home to be bought.

Having a free from appraisal by calling Shannon Ioli Scarlet is a good thing for any homebuyer. This will give him or her the opportunity to choose the best home that would meet his or her preferences. Aside from this, the actual and right cost of the home will be given as the deal is made. Call Shannon loli Scarlett today at 480-695-3562

Questions to Ask a Realtor When Buying a House


Questions to Ask a Realtor When Buying a House

Every one of us wants to have own houses where we could live comfortably and freely. There are several fully furnished homes that are made with great quality and are enveloped with elegance, which will never be a waste of money. In order to find the best homes, realtors are of big help. They will take care of everything which will not let you worry about anything. They will be the ones to help you find a house that you can buy and all their suggestions will ever disappoint you. However, even if you have the help of realtors, you still have to ask questions regarding the house you are planning to buy.

Investing your money to a great property can help add your net worth. Moreover, working with a realtor will help you find the best house because they are familiar with all the properties that can be found in your neighborhood. If you are planning to buy a house, here are some of the questions that you should ask to realtors when you decide to buy a house.

  • Ask the realtor regarding the date of sale of the house in the public. In this way, you will be able to determine if you can still negotiate about the price of the house. When the house is being for sale for more than 60 days, you can negotiate with the realtor regarding its price.

  • Ask the realtor if which one is better, buying the house or leasing it. Asking this question can help you think if you are prepared to buy your dream home. You are giving yourself an option that will help your situation right now. If you have the money, you can buy it easily but if you are someone who wants to know the options, ask this question and the realtor will help you understand.

  • Ask the realtor regarding the safety of the neighborhood where the house is being situated. It always feels secured when the neighborhood that you are living does not have a high rate for crimes. For safety purposes, you can ask this to a realtor who is familiar with the neighborhood. This will also avoid you from the dangers of living in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

  • Ask the realtor about the situation of the house. We always want to have a home where everything is under control or would not cause any money to spend because of maintenance. When buying the house, always ask the condition of the house. You can ask regarding the age of the roof. Also, the situation of the house can be a big help in your decision making when it comes to whether or not you will buy a house. Do not buy a house, which has worst conditions because you will spend a big amount of money for its maintenance only.

  • Ask the realtor regarding the nearby properties that are just within your reach. Asking this, you will be able to know if there are schools or other establishments that are just right around the corner which everyone are always asking. This will help you know if you are just within the properties and areas that you need.

  • Ask the realtor the reason why the owner is selling the property. There are times that a realtor does not disclose the reasons; however, there are some that would provide the reason why the house is being sold. Knowing the reason, you will be able to decide if you are going to buy the house or not by depending on the owner’s reason as to why he is selling it.

  • Ask the realtor if how long did the past owners have lived on the property. Knowing the span of time that the previous owners have utilized the house will determine you as to what reasons that made them stay long in the property or how short they stayed.

  • Ask the realtor about the facilities inside the house. From the doors to the rooms, it is always the best idea them to avoid you from spending money for the maintenance itself. Knowing the conditions of the facilities, you can decide either to buy it or not. Having broken facilities will make your regret once you buy the homes.

  • Ask the realtor if you need an attorney for all the transactions when you buy a house. This may depend on the state since each state is different. There are some scenarios that an attorney is not needed for the transactions. On the other hand, there are some who have their own real estate lawyers who will manage the offers and also the closing.

  • Ask the realtor about his expertise. When it comes to properties, not everyone are knowledgeable which is why, when you are working with a realtor, make sure to ask his specialization in order for you to identify if he or she is capable of doing the job for you and will not only work because of his willingness but because of his expertise in the field. Also, the realtor should have the experience, great feedbacks from other clients and also the knowledge that he has when it comes to his expertise.

  • Ask the realtor if the house has a garage. People who have vehicles, the garage are very important because it is the place, where they can park their vehicles. Asking the realtor about this will help you solve your problem when it comes to your parking space.

Asking the realtor some questions when you buy a house is a good help in your decision-making. Also, asking it beforehand will stop you from regretting in the end. Buying a house is easy if you have the money. However, even though how a great a house is, it still have its flaws that you should be aware of that is why, a realtor is always ready to provide you the answers to all your questions regarding the house you are planning to buy for you to be well-informed.

Call Shannon Ioli-Scarlett at 480 695 3562

Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling Your Home

Questions to Ask a Realtor When Selling Your Home

If you think purchasing a home is hard, try selling it your own. Usually, buying provide you due advantage during the negotiations, but selling can be much more challenging. In this industry, the seller usually takes the brunt of looking for the right buyer and handling the transfer of documents while acquiring a lucrative deal as planned. With too much of your time consumed on your work or business or an impending transfer, having time to sell your real estate property in quick yet productive way can be done through the help of a real estate agent. With hundreds of professionals and expert agents available today, looking for one who can provide you what you really need can still be daunting. However, this dilemma can possibly be used into your advantage simply by asking the right questions to them. So when you plan to seller your home and looking for a trustworthy and reliable realtor, here are some of the most important questions to ask:

  • Are you an accredited realtor in the state where the property sale will be done? For how long and how many deals you have successfully done in the past years? – Keep in mind that it is crucial to check the credentials regarding the state accreditations, reliable sources and references of the real estate agent. One should be the accreditation by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) that could guarantee you dealing with a real expert. Just like everything else, the experience of the real estate agent completely matters, especially when it comes to the facilitating of real estate sales. Even though it doesn’t necessarily mean that the more established and successful realtors are better than the new ones, the experience of a realtor can help you gauge turnaround time and efficiency for the property sales. Of course, the sum of the realtor’s successful deal with complete references can also help you in verifying if the real estate agent can really live up to your demands and expectations as well as of the present real estate market.
  • Do you have the ability to maintain my property’s integrity during the selling process? – Another very crucial question to ask is if the real estate agent has the ability to maintain your property’s integrity. When selling your home, keep in mind that you realtor needs to be experienced enough when communicating about your property’s faults. In other words, the real estate agent should provide you information about your properties drawback and can suggest you possible remedies. This can help them to market your property and for you to acquire a much efficient sell. In terms of marketing, your need to choose a real estate is capable of marketing your property if a lot of ways. This should also be asked to your realtor. A talented real estate agent will have various ways in which your property will be made visible on marketplace.
  • Do your operate real estate business locally? If yes, how do you plan your sales and marketing? – If you’re selling a property in one state, it would be a complete waste of money if your spend effort and time on a realtor on a different state. A real estate agent that is locally operating usually has enough information about the most current real estate demands, demographics, and the local marketing solutions in order to amplify the sale. Be sure to ask the realtor who he/she plans to sell your property. Dig very deep into his strategies and tactics, home staging, and many other initiatives that can hasten the pace of sale process.
  • What are your real estate selling methods? – There are a lot of way to sell your home through the aid of a real estate agent – auctions, tender agreement, POA, EOI, or direct selling (e.g. from real estate agent to buyer). Unless you’ll be selling your property completely, carefully ask if the upgrades, renovations, or repairs are necessary.
  • Do you work as a team or alone? If by team, what are your communication methods? – No matter how adept a real estate agent is in dealing with the real estate market, he should never work along. There are tons of workloads that await the agent. Whether the realtor is working virtual or actual assistant, keep in mind that a real estate agent should always have someone that does the one marketing, paper transaction, and many other data management solutions, separately. This provide the real estate agent more focus on his/her real competencies such as the renovations, negotiations, and arranging an open house. Also keep in mind what their communication methods are and how frequent they communicate. Look for a real estate agent that can provide you an open communication line, giving your constant updates.
  • How much and do you charge your commission upon a successful sale? – This is the last question that needs to be answered – the Realtor’s fees. Probably, this is the most confusing part in the entire selling process. However, knowing how much a realtor should only charge you can make it easy. Most real estate agents charge a commission fee for their service, which is normally 3% to 6% of the sales price. This can either be a huge or small amount depending on the final selling price of your property. In recent years, the agents have become very flexible and the commission free can now be negotiated. Regardless of agreement, the fee needs not to be paid until the closing date, after your property has been sold. In addition, the commission can also vary from one state to another. If can be fixed or based to tiered percentages. Be careful and always analyze the impact before you sign an agreement. Choose the one that can provide you great value for you property.

Without a doubt, selling a real estate property can be a very overwhelming experience. Having a reliable and capable really as your ally in this quest is the best decision you can make. By asking the questions mentioned above, you can ensure to find the best real estate agent to entrust your property, way to get a fast sale, and gain more value on your property.

Call Shannon Ioli-Scarlett at 480 695 3562

9 Reasons to Get a Free Home Appraisal from a Professional Realtor

9 Reasons to Get a Free Home Appraisal from a Professional Realtor

There are many reasons why you as a homeowner should get a free home appraisal from a realtor because in selling your home, there’s a need to accurately disclose how much is its living area to determine its value.

Whether you’re selling or buying a home, you should always consider getting a free home appraisal from a professional realtor. As a seller, owner, or buyer, you should also understand what home appraisal is, how its process works and how a professional appraiser can determine the value of a home.

What is Home Appraisal?

A home appraisal is an unbiased opinion about a home’s value given by a professional. Home appraisals are always used in sale and purchase transactions. They are also commonly used for refinance transactions. In sale and purchase transactions, appraisals are used to determine if the contact price of the home is appropriate to its condition, features, and location. In refinance, an appraisal will assure the lender that it will not be handling the borrower even more money than the home’s worth.

How do Home Appraisals work?

Home appraisals vary in every state, but here are the 3 major parts of home appraisal:

  1. Inspection – A professional appraiser or realtor will come to the property and inspects it in order to determine fair market value.

  2. Comparables – The professional realtor will research similar homes in the area and compares latest sales for the market value.

  3. Final Appraisal Report – Through the data gathered by the realtor from his inspection and comparables research, he will be making a final appraisal report.

Why do you need an Appraisal for a Home Loan?

A professional realtor helps you in establishing the market value of your property. This is likely to be the sales price that it will have if it’s offered in a competitive and open real estate market. Home appraisals protect the client as well as the lender in order for them not to overpay the home.

9 Reasons why you need a Professional Realtor for your Free Home Appraisal

  1. They will show you the difference between unfinished and finished area. Measurements between unfinished and finished areas are very important to be segregated and understood. Finished areas are the areas that are cooled and heated and are in a habitable condition while the unfinished areas are like basements having concrete walls and floors but are not heated nor cooled and not ideal to live in. There are also homes that have basements with low ceilings and dirty floors but these areas are not part of the calculations.

  2. They know where to take measurements. Correct measurements are normally taken from the homes’ outside walls and on all its levels. This is can be difficult if the home to be measured has a second level and if it’s 1.5 story home. However, measurements are usually taken from the inside on its second level. Wall thickness will just be added back. Floor plans not meant for appraisal purposes will have to use the interior measurements taken from the outside measurements, and there will be more of the square footage to be accounted.

  3. They know what areas to include in Gross Living Area (GLA). Some people consider this as minor but including areas that are not allowed to be included in GLA while pricing your home with square footage, appraisal may not apply. Your home needs to be measured by the realtor juts like how it will be measured for loan appraisal.

  4. They will let you know if you can include an apartment in the GLA. There are times that homes have mother-in-law quarters or teenager apartments that may be an addition to GLA but it must be according to ANSI Standard. If it doesn’t meet this requirement, then your GLA may be overstated.

  5. They know the stairwell rule. The more square footage means the more money you can benefit for your house. Professional realtors know this rule and allow them to always include square footage that some inexperienced appraisers may not include.

  6. They can verify if the county has correct area calculations. If you have been paying higher rates for your property taxes, you may want to double check if your home has been taken the correct square footage. The county usually values a home depending on how huge it is. When you have documents to prove that it’s smaller, your property taxes will be reduced.

  7. They know the ceiling height rule. In home appraisals, there is a ceiling height rule. A professional realtor knows which areas are allowed and not allowed in this rule. The inclusion of the designated areas will overstate GLA so you also have to overstate the asking price.

  8. Potential buyers will know if their stuff will fit in the house. If the potential buyer of your home just moved out from a 1,500 square foot home and needs to move into a larger home, you should have the proof that their stuff will fit because if you don’t, you’ll lose the scale. Buyers from the outside of the town are used in reviewing sq. ft. listings and quotes. It will be an advantage for you if your will include such information.

  9. Property will be more likely to appraise for contract. As mentioned, if the correct calculation of square footage used the method of a professional realtor, value indifferences that relate to wrong square footage will be excluded.

Hiring a professional realtor for your home appraisal is a very good idea because they have the professional expertise to help your determine the accurate value of your home. It’s important that you don’t disregard hiring a realtor so that you can be sure of the price of your home if you’re selling it same as when you’re buying a home. Your professional realtor shall be your guide to selling/buying your home with the correct process and pricing. Getting a free home appraisal from a realtor gives you the chance to get more money for your home.

The Top 5 Mistakes Someone Makes When Buying a Home

Purchasing a house is a process which definitely requires both effort and time. However, the ultimate reason could be entirely worth it. If you buy a house, you have to take into account that it will be your home – the place where you and your loved ones will stay day and night. Thus, you really have to make sure that you will be making the best decision and that you will be able to find the right house to purchase.

At times, people are making purchase of a house that they find out need there are some repairs needed to be done on it so it can be livable. Perhaps, they then realize that the surrounding neighborhood is not suitable for their situation. They have nothing else to do here but to regret because they have no choice but to take the needed steps so they can move in and make the most of their investment. So, it is very important to be wise when it comes to buying a house. It is important to avoid making these top 5 mistakes when purchasing a house:

  1. Forgetting to Get Ready

One major mistake that you have to avoid the moment you have decided to buy a house is to forget to get ready for the whole process ahead of time. When you make your decisions, it is so easy to forget about the preparation. On the other hand, when you forget to prepare, your home purchase experience might become a disaster in the end. After signing the contract and then you want to cancel the transaction, it is almost impossible to turn it down and get out of that contract. But when you are able to get prepared ahead and avoid making instant decisions, you will not end up regretting.

  1. Over Purchasing

Another mistake that many people make when it comes to buying a house is over buying. It is not good to be house poor. Whilst having a bigger home is great, when your budget is not enough to buy more pieces of furniture, the property would be empty and cold. It could become very stressful also when all your cash will be paid for the property. Just choose a house that will be right for you and for your loved ones. Pushing to the limits can cause a problem in the long run and it can even result to foreclosure of your home.

  1. Failing to Realize that Nobody Represents You

People who are buying a home for the first time usually make the mistake of failing to realize that there no one who represents them until it’s already too late for them to find one. You might assume that the real estate agent who is working with you is already the one that represents you, yet he or she can be actually representing the seller. It could happen if you rush out then contact the listed agent on the property or you choose to save cash and be alone all through the process of home buying. It is never bad to have somebody on your side to help you buy the best property, especially when you’re buying a house for the first time.

  1. Not Taking Time to Compare the Mortgages

Not taking time for comparing the mortgages is also a huge mistake that you would like to avoid when you want to purchase a home. You would find that there are various options to take into account. These involve the term, the form of mortgage, the lender and a lot more. It simply means that you really have to compare the available options very carefully. You must not go with the initial option that has been offered to you, no matter what is that. Look at the options and then find out which of them will provide you the greatest advantages whilst suiting your financial situation.

  1. Taking Shortcuts on House Inspection

Finally, you should not take any shortcuts for house inspection when you buy a home. Make sure that you will check all of the parts of the home and that you will never scrimp through having someone else to do the inspection on your behalf. It simply means that you can end up failing to see any probable hazardous and expensive issues. Go ahead and then spend some money to hire a professional who will do the home inspection before you purchase the home.

Other Important Factors to Take into Account

You must never forget to research for a real estate agent. Home sellers are frequently working with a real estate agent and so, you should do the same thing as a home buyer. Before choosing one, make sure that you research. You can get some recommendations from your relatives or friends and make some searches on Google.

Apart from that, it is best to avoid working with a real estate agent who happens to be the one working with the home seller you’re talking to. It is so easy to find a good real estate agent. All you have to do is to open your browser and do some research. Choose to work with a reputable agent, the one who has been servicing the area where you live if you want to purchase a home within the state or city you reside. You can ask for recommendations in this matter from people you trust.

You should also be aware of your current credit status. It can be frustrating that you go over the whole process only to find in the long run that your credit isn’t up to par. It is the reason why it’s very important to check and see your credit status prior to start searching for a home to purchase.

You need to be financially and emotionally prepared to buy a home. It is one of the biggest investments that you can make in your lifetime so it is very important to make sure that you take each step carefully and avoid making these mistakes that other people did. Otherwise, your home buying experience will become a nightmare.

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